This project is inspired by the abandoned cities during the first corona lockdown. As the chaos of the people disappeared, I started to pay more attention to the everyday beauty of the city itself.

This made me want to tell a story with my collection. The story of a traveler, who wanders through these empty cities and collects all his memories and impressions to incorporate them into his clothing.

The title of my project is Transit. For me, this represents displacement and the transition from one into the other. I incorporated this into my prints by taking pictures in moving vehicles. This created moving, dreamy images that for me perfectly reflect these impressions and memories of the city.

I made two evening looks for this collection. In this I simulated the wet evening streets, by working with transparency, shine, reflection and 3d operations with the vacuum former.
In contrast, I created a day look, in which I depict the city during the day. I did this by focusing on the dreamy prints and the gradient of colors and by adding texture.